What happens when children lead the frontier of social innovation?

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From rice graders, to weedcutters and even smokeless chulhas. Innovations built by the children for the community.

The crisis

Children are increasingly being deprived of  opportunities to actively participate in community development. This gap is much wider in the high need communities. While the upper strata of the society are moving towards design based learning, children from high-need communities are still following the age-old practises of rote level learning. This is non inclusive education with no scope for exploration of children’s innate potential in creativity, decision making and problem solving skills. 
Our children need to explore more, and not just limit themselves with what is offered by the current mainstream schooling. The teacher-centric approaches should be questioned as there is an increasing disparity between acquiring knowledge and applying them to create meaningful learning experiences. This is high time for change.

Its about time.

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A movement is being created to spread design thinking and innovation among kids. Join us in helping children redesign the world to be a better place for all.


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  • I was privileged to see the work of dHive and their passion in bringing a difference to rural lives through simple, accessible and affordable technologies, designed by children

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    Arvind Gupta
    Indian Toy Inventor
    Padma Shri
  • What impressed me about dHive was the way they use indigenous materials and practices as pedagogy, giving children the freedom of dependence on expensive, commercial toys; thereby enabling them to design simple affordable technologies, from local resources.

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    Meenakshi Toine
    Ilaignarkal School, Auroville
  • While many co-design projects fail to establish enduring social change, dHive has managed to set a whole community in motion towards a better future, and they continues to do so through a mix of design, participation, entrepreneurship and education.

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    Dr. Maarten van Mechelen
    Post doctoral Researcher
    TU Delft, Netherlands