Rural Design Studio

Children led social innovation lab to develop frugal technology in grassroot areas


The practicals which the student carries out in school doesnt extend its scope to the outside world with diverse set of problems. By giving children and rural youth a platform for application, and also equipping them with our design toolkit, they would be able to apply their critical thinking and problem solving skills to the real world.

They would be self-sufficient to battle those wicked problems which they face themselves. They could, in a way be the creative blocks of change their community really needs.

Not just toys

It's a huge misconception that children could just play with toys or do science experiments. They could do much much more. They could build products in a creative and frugal manner, and could also be the frontiers of social innovation.

We are giving them access to all the fabrication tools so that they could bridge the gap between indigenous knowledge and modern practises.


We are heavily inspired by the Saemaul Undong movement which happened in South Korea back in 1970 where the local community participated in the rebuilding of their own villages. We are envisioning a decentralised system where the locals build solutions for themselves using locally available resources.

The rural design studios could act as central pivots augmenting the community income through creativity (jugaad), self-help and collaboration.